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We offer an easy and complete way to register your final wishes, regarding your funeral as well as your belongings, accounts, memberships and subscriptions. List them here to ensure your relatives and loved ones have no trouble organizing your farewell, and everyone inherits the things you want them to.

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Register at no costs, now and forever. We will fund this site by offering various options in the future such as online notary registration.

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At no point will you be asked to list sensitive information such as bank account numbers. You personal data will not be shared with third parties without your permission and you will be in total control over who has access to your wishes.

It's Updatable

Unlimited editing and rewrites to ensure all your wishes are up to date.

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Patricia van Dinther


Patricia studied Orthopedagogy at the University of Amsterdam. For 16 years now she has been a chief editor for various tv shows in Holland, for which she worked around the world. Next to that she started a business in personalized childrens books and later built her own daycarecentre.

Roel Kyvelos


Roel studied Business Administration and graduated in Information Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam after which he starred as an actor in a daily soap. For the last 8 years he worked in various positions in the televised media and travelled and lived around the world.

Jonathan Bouman


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